1. Engineering services

    T.C.COM is dedicated to producing quality civil construction works for the residential, industrial, and commercial and infrastructure sectors, whilst maintaining the highest level of integrity at all times. We offer clients the expertise, equipment, resources and technology required to complete even the toughest construction project.

  2. Technical Services

    At T.C.COM our Technical Services Team provide technical services support to our Customers, they develop strong relationships with key Site Auditing and Maintenance personnel and drive innovation and technology offerings that add values to our Customers operations.

    Our national team is made up of skilled Engineers and Technicians at varying levels of experience and areas of expertise. These include Principle/Senior Technical Services Engineers, Technical Service Engineers, and Experienced On-site Field Technicians.

  3. Installation Services

    T.C.COM can take care of all your installation requirements from equipment sourcing through to ensuring your customer is installed in a timely manner, regardless of their location.

    Bundled Installation Packages
    T.C.COM is one of the first installation companies and consultant to offer combined hardware, installation and maintenance packages to providers.

    Network rollouts
    T.C.COM can take care of all aspects of your network rollouts to corporate and government customers.

  4. Sales and Supply

    Part of our capability is the provision of a significant Supply Chain Management service for a wide range of industry clients across the globe.

    Due to our purchasing power and partnership with major material manufacture around the globe, materials are purchased at the lowest possible prices a\nd the savings are passed on to our clients. Find out more in our Material Sale brochure.



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